Finding Common Ground and Spiritual Balance

Finding Common Ground and Spiritual Balance

February 2

I’ve been thinking about my post February 1, and there was a point about 4:00AM this morning where I almost took it down.

By saying that we are defined by our actions I felt I was affirming a “call to arms”.  That we are to march forward into the fray “voices raised and weapons drawn”.

That is not what I meant.   I firmly believe that such posturing leads to confrontation and violence.  I find that both violence and confrontation while they may feel satisfying in the moment are not productive ways of achieving resolutions.  Simply to win an issue and hurt someone else in the process is not winning.

Yes we need to stand up for what we believe.  We need to be firm in our commitment.

But we also need to remember that there are always at least two sides to each issue and almost always there is a truth at the heart of each side. 

Everyone no matter their position on an issue needs to be treated with respect and dignity and to receive an honest and thoughtful hearing.

The world is in a mess and there is much that needs to be done.  I know that in spite of conflicting positions there is common ground which can be found.

I know people are basically thoughtful and caring, and given a chance are generous to strangers.  It is this basic nature we all share in which where we can find hope.

I believe our actions are paramount to maintaining emotional balance.  The best balance comes when we are doing something which lifts people up.