Social Justice and Spirituality

January 31

Social Justice and Spirituality

I admit I am conflicted and in a condition of confusion and indecision. 

I’ve been watching the protest against the current administration and some of their policies since the inauguration a couple of weeks ago.   I understand the disappointment and frustration leading people to gather and march.  In all honesty I share their feelings and concerns for progress we have made as a society, which could be lost. 

Therefore I am trying to get my arms around how being a part of these actions will work toward my spiritual fulfillment.

I have finally reconciled that spiritually has multiple aspects, all of which are personal. 

One is that inner foundation we all want to achieve. 

Another is the knowledge that as our brothers and sisters suffer their suffering and us doing nothing is a barrier to our spirituality. 

It is that “treat your neighbor as you would like to be treated” aspect.  We are defined not by what we say but by the actions we take.

The question becomes “how do we want to be defined?”