It Is All In The Size

We walked a little over eight miles Monday (May 8).  A trip to the  Archbasilica of St. John in Lateran to see the the official Pope’s church in Rome.  A couple of miles to San Pietro in Vincoli the home of Michelangelo's statue of Moses, part of the tomb of Pope Julius II, but actually the home of the chains that bound Peter while he was in prison.  A short trip to the Monument of Victor Emanuel II for a look over the rooftops of Rome, and a short shopping trip down Via del Corso.  Such a wonderful day to be in Rome!

Tuesday it was slightly over seven miles and 16 flights of stairs.  We took the bus from the hotel to the Borghese Museum and Gardens and walked back the long way with a stop at the Capitaline Museums. 

We walked up to the square designed by Michelangelo and through first century statues and ended with a view of Trajan’s Horse and pieces of a statue of Constantine the emperor who made the Roman Empire Christian.  Along the way we dropped from the gardens down to Rome with quite a dramatic view. 

I'm standing beside Constantine’s hand.  There is an interesting story of why his statue is so huge. I'll try to tell it at a later time.

Marcus Aurelius statue:  This is the world’s oldest bronze statue of a horse.  It has been moved from its original position in the square to a specially built room in the museum for preservation  reasons. It is magnificent.