A Case Of People Enjoying Living

One of the most important elements for keeping balance in our lives is being able to relax and enjoy our surroundings and the people who share them with us.

We have seen this same attitude among people in France and Italy.  In Italy when ever there was an opportunity, especially in the evenings, shops closed and whole families took to the streets to be with their neighbors.

In western England it is much the same but a lot hinges on the questionable weather.  The local pub seems to be the regular place to meet.  When the sun shines the family rolls into the streets buying pasties, watching vendors and enjoying the parks. 

It seems a simple case of embracing the life we have the opportunity to live. Leave a comment or send me a message.  Thank You.  Rob

Blog Photo Caption:  A guitar player had a range of popular, folk and ballads.  With his guitar and the only accompaniment he two did a good job of stopping strollers and holding an audience. Two young violinists played intricate harmonies to passersby. Their classical training came through and even though their audience was not as responsive as they could have been it was no indication that their ability was lacking.


Guitar Player Bath
Violin duet Bath