Spring Has Sprung

My thoughts for a Spring post were taken over by events.  I had planned on a spring post a couple of weeks ago and then got sidetracked into “This Land Is Your Land” being labeled as subversive.  It is time for me to step back, come up for air and regroup.

Regrouping is always a good idea.  It does not matter if it is a project at work, or reviewing a home project or simply a review of the finances to determine if we dine in style for lunch or have a deli picnic this afternoon.  Regrouping is always to our advantage in keeping our life in balance.
Regrouping is a way of reassessing where we are.  It is an opportunity to review our goals and decide if adjustments in our strategy are necessary.  If a change is needed now, is the time to make it.  Waiting only makes the course change more difficult.  

I find one of the best ways for me to regroup is taking a look the natural world around me.  I’m sure there is a direct link to growing up on the farm.   One thing which changes very slowly is the land.  Add seeds, water, some fertilizer and the result is growth.  I am comforted each year, as regular as clockwork, Mother Nature gives us glorious spring spectacles in floral and fauna.
Yesterday, we walked past a newly mown lawn I was instantly I transported back to fields of fresh cut alfalfa and an honest day’s work of harvesting bales of hay.

I find the best opportunity to regroup is resting in the comfort of the familiar.  I know the sun will rise tomorrow the land will shower us with abundance.  The birds will continue to sing if we give them the opportunity.

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Below:   Last week the hills were alive with color from the Antelope Valley to the coast.  Here we see a combination of mustard and poppies with a few wild flowers thrown in along highway 101.

Rin con